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Our journey

Mighty oaks from little acorns grow. As with trees, so with Paramparik Karigar. An organisation which started with intimate exhibitions in select interiors , then expanding to the Coomarsamy Hall and now growing up to exhibitions at World Trade Centre . The Paramparik Karigar tree grows and reaches out to more cities and then gently across the seas- as an exhibition and as workshops. The workshops expand, like aerial roots- across the city, across the globe , across cyber space. Paramparik Karigar also steps online with the Karigar Sahayog Sale to provide shade to our Karigar in these extra ordinarily challenging times. A tree is as strong as its roots. Strong roots that help it weather any storm . Our roots are our talented karigars. Need we say more?

  • Virtual Exhibitions Karigar Sahyog Sale on google link promoted on social media platforms Facebook and Instagram during pandemic. Online Workshops and Live sessions through Webex to continue to spread awareness about Traditional Arts, Craft and Textiles
  • Exhibition Hunar with Designers showcasing traditional textiles in their creations
  • Women craftsmen from Kutch participate in an exchange program at Paris
  • Thari - a Fund Raising Event at NCPA followed by Master Textile Exhibition at the Museum
  • Master weavers participate in Lakme Fashion Week
  • Design course at NIFT
  • Design workshop for next generation by Sally Holkar
  • Packaging Workshop at NID
  • Roshan Kalapesi Award introduced to encourage Next Generation
  • Special Exhibition for Master Craftsmen at the Museum
  • Second Auction with Ossian
  • KARIGAR selected for Santa Fe Event
  • First Exhibition at ABC Home and Carpet Stores - New York
  • HAT Exchange Program
  • To encourage new talent and bring in more variety to the exhibitions, new carftsmen exhibition was introduced in 2011 and continued for 3 years.
  • First Auction of Master Pieces
  • First Exhibition at NGMA
  • Exhibitions held in Kolkata, Bangalore, Chennai, Jamshedpur
  • Paramparik Karigar was founded

Exhibitions were held once a year with a handful of Karigars at smaller venues till the numbers increased and Paramparik Karigar moved to the Coomarswamy Hall at the museum.


On popular demand to have the exhibition in the suburbs, exhibitions started taking place at the Kamala Rahega Hall in Juhu in 2012. By now Paramparik Karigar started having two exhibitions in one year.

Master Craftsmen Exhibitions

A special Exhibition of exclusive work of our award winners - the 12 Master Craftsmen who were the Jewels of the Crown was held between 2010 till 2015 at the Museum.


Paramparik Karigar grew many folds in number and talent and the need for a larger space to accommodate all the Karigars under one umbrella brought in the idea of having its ANNUAL EXHIBITION at the World Trade Center ( Mumbai ) with almost 110 Karigars. It was welcomed by our patrons and well wishers.


As all future exhibitions had to be cancelled due to the Pandemic, Paramparik Karigar continued to work with the same spirit to find ways to promote their Karigars. Virtual exhibition called Sahyog Sale was started and online sale was introduced to ensure some income to the karigar. Workshops were also held and craftsmen got recognition from the National as well as international community.

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