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Ananta Malakar

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At - Paschimpatty, PO - Kirnahar, Dist - Birbhum, PIN - 731302, (W.B)

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"Shola is very light by weight. Inside the course grey outer layer of the reed is hidden a soft white inner core. The core of this reed is white in colour and is exposed when the outer layer of the stalk is shaved. The core is sliced into strips, and made into sheets, cubes, cones and slices which can be shaped according to the artists imagination. The artisan cuts the stem into pieces of 4-6-8 inches according to his requirement. He then deftly cuts paper like long sheets termed Kap or thin slices termed Paturi with his long sharp blade. He also makes serated blocks or design blocks and cuts slices thereof for decorative purpose. In some cases, specially for toys and doll and human and animal forms, plaster moulds are used, where shola sheets are pressed to shape and layers of paper are pasted at the back for reinforcement. Once the flat sheets are made, a dozen of these can tied at one end and cut into pieces to create various shapes, geometrical and floral."